Post Four Deepening your analysis writing homework help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

Post Four Deepening your analysis writing homework help

Post Four: Deepening your analysis (500-750 words)

Allowable sources: students are encouraged to find credible sources for this post other than a newspaper article, such as documentaries, podcasts, books, etc. Any source that is credible and appropriate is allowed. (See class discussion on evaluating sources.)

Task: Write a post analyzing this source, explaining and illustrating how it has made you deepen or rethink your ideas on your topic.

For your main point in the beginning of the post, explain the main or a key point the source has made and describe the change it has made on your thinking. In the body of the post, break down this idea into sub-points and then illustrate these sub-points with specific examples from your source and analyze how the writer/speaker has made your ideas on the topic evolve.

Timetable: The process of understanding the class structure and picking a good topic takes the first two weeks of the semester. After that, each week students will write a post following the prompts above and will receive feedback on it. During those four weeks, students will have time to revise their posts. After those four weeks, at about the sixth or seventh week of the semester, students will be given a unit grade worth 33% of their total grade for the semester (see evaluation policy at the end of this file). For specific due dates, see each week’s work file on Ilearn. 

While we are working on the posts, students who do not come to class during the week, do not participate in peer editing with a full draft, and do not post the required work on Ilearn will lose one full grade off the unit for each week they do not fully participate. Students are allowed one unexcused absence per unit, but will still need to make up the work they missed. Longer absences require a note from the health center or a doctor or other official paperwork to avoid losing points or not passing the unit.

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