Poster Project Presentation of a Case Study health and medicine homework help

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March 12, 2023
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March 12, 2023

Poster Project Presentation of a Case Study health and medicine homework help

Poster Project Presentation of a Case Study

I understand this is a group effort but I want full input and collaboration please.



  • Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration.
  • This team Assignment gives you the opportunity to be able to come to consensus with team members on the best evidence-based practice decision in an assigned case. This gives you real life experience that will translate into consensus building in your area of practice and employment.


Teams will reference the case study, Women’s Care Seeking experiences after postpartum depression, in Appendix D, on page 554. Working with your assigned team; you will use the Team area, below Unit 10, to work with your group to develop a summary consensus and one slide poster project.


Working as a team, you will:

  1. Create a summary consensus, of the case study.
  2. Develop a Poster Project highlighting the application of the key points as decided by the group (one slide).
  3. Post the summary and one-slide poster to the Unit 10 Discussion Topic 2 for peer feedback.
  4. Submit the Summary and Poster Slide to the Team Dropbox, Assignment 2, in Unit 9.

This is a collaborative team effort and will take place in the Team area under Unit 10 left navigation.

Have fun working with your teams, communicating within a smaller group and working towards a collaborative consensus in an online environment.

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