January 20, 2023
Traditional Medicine
January 20, 2023

powerpoint PUBH 520

Implementation and evaluation and addressat least twocross-cutting public health issues in the development of a specific health behavior change intervention.The group presentation assignment is aimed to improve your collaboration and interpersonal communication skills as well as to help you apply key concepts of program planning, implementation and evaluation and address at least two cross-cutting public health issues in the development of a specific health behavior change intervention. You will be completing this presentation with the group that you are assigned to in the beginning of the semester. Each group will be required to select one health behavior that we have discussed in the course (e.g. tobacco use, alcohol use, substance use, obesity and eating behaviors, physical activity, unintentional injury, workplace injury, violence, or risky sexual behaviors) and then develop a behavior change intervention as well as evaluation plan for the intervention, When planning the intervention, the group needs to address least two of the cross-cutting public health issues (e.g. behavioral economics, patient and consumer activation, patient communication, risk assessment, chronic conditions or depressive disorders) we have discussed in this class.The presentation needs to be given in a Narrated/Voice-over PowerPoint and should be 20-25 minutes ( I will do this part) in total.Please see the following document regarding the required content of the presentation:Required Content for Group Presentation.pdfGrading Rubric for Presentation:Group Presentation Grading Rubric.pdf

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