Practice strategies for managing stress writing homework help

January 12, 2021

Practice strategies for managing stress writing homework help

Deliverable length: 2–3 pages

Course Objective(s):

  • Practice strategies for managing stress
  • Create and communicate goals and vision statements
  • Begin to develop a leadership style


A vision statement clarifies who we are and what we wish to accomplish in life. Using this week’s Web resources and any other relevant sources, create your own personal vision statement. Include a brief explanation of the following in your vision statement:

  • At least 3 things that make you happy
  • At least 3 major goals you want to accomplish in your life
  • At least 2 things that you are doing now to fulfill your potential
  • The 3 most important roles you play in your life
  • 2 roles that you foresee yourself fulfilling one day
  • Your 3 most important personal values
  • At least 4 of your greatest strengths
  • How you would like to make a difference in the world
  • Things that you enjoy doing and how they make your life better

Be honest with yourself and in your paper. There is no need to follow an order of information, but be certain to write clearly and concisely. Remember, the above-listed questions are there to help you explore your personality type, goals, and abilities so that you can prepare your personal vision statement. Your paper should conclude with your own personal vision statement that reflects your answers to the above questions.

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