Praise of the F Word Mary Sherry writing homework help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

Praise of the F Word Mary Sherry writing homework help

1. In the essay In Praise of the F Word, Mary Sherry states that the threat of flunking is a positive teaching tool. She believes that students can be more successful if they have a “healthy fear of failure”. Write an argumentative essay in which you argue against or support Sherry’s opinion about the relationship between grades and academic success.


a) Hook

b) Summary of the selected article (start with the author’s main idea): 5-8 sentences long

c) Student’s thesis statement= your opinion on the topic that you will support in the essay


-# 1 and 2- your position on the issue –

# 3- counter-argument (opposing view point) –

# 4- acknowledgement of the counter-argument or refutation of the counter-argument


a) refer back to the author of the article

b) paraphrase your thesis and briefly restate your supporting examples

c) final concluding thoughts

Essay requirements: Citation Requirements: .

a) Models for Writers textbook .

b) 3 other sources- can be online or printed You need to incorporate a summary of the selected article in the introductory paragraph. • The body paragraphs of the essay must include at least 2 direct quotes and 2 paraphrases. A quote cannot be more than 1-2 sentences long.

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