January 12, 2021

Probation Officers

Probation officers face role conflict in virtually every aspect of the job. This is a product of two responsibilities: enforcing the law and helping the offender. Investigation and supervision are also divergent functions. Investigation involves the creation of a presentence investigation (PSI), which is used by the judge in sentencing an offender. The purpose of the presentence investigation is to help the judge select an appropriate sentence for the offender. Supervision begins with the sentencing of an offender to probation.


Suppose you have been tasked with researching the conflicts experienced by probation officers, for a presentation at an upcoming corrections conference. Create a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation, addressing the following:

  • Lay out two sources of conflict for probation officers, specific to the investigation and supervision functions.
  • Determine two ways reform movements in probation have either created conflict or resolved conflict for probation officers.
  • Establish two ways the use of criminal behavior assessments can either create conflict or resolve conflict for probation officers.
  • Propose two measures, looking ahead, that can be implemented to reduce probation officer conflict.

Insert high-level points and graphics in the slide body. Build out the detailed content in the speaker’s notes, citing a minimum of three academically verified references.


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