project update

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January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

project update

Calendars are tools that can be assigned to the project and to individual resources. The calendars can change the length of the workdays and schedule individual vacations. To work with the calendars, we will:

  • Change the working and non-working time on Standard Calendar.
  • Change the working and non-working time on a Resource Calendar.
  • Create new base calendars.
  • Assign different base calendars to resources. 


  • Complete Lesson 4.
  • Print the Project Summary Report.
  • Print the Gantt Chart View. (Include only those columns up to and including the Finish Date column and the Gantt chart. Print this on two pages wide.)
  • Print the Who Does What When Report. (Print this on three pages.)
  • Print the Task Usage Report.


All of the following deliverables are required (in a zip file) in order to receive full credit:

  • Completed MyLab4_XXX.mpp
  • Completed Review Questions
  • Printouts/Screenshots contained in Week_4_Printouts_XXX.docx
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