January 12, 2021

Psychology Assignment

Directions: This week you will be presented with a list of 10 concepts. The writing assignment requires you to select and expound on one of the concepts listed below. For your chosen concept, you should briefly summarize that concept in 5 to 10 sentences. Then you should PERSONALIZE the concept. This requires you to relate this concept to your personal or professional life. This assignment is confidential and will be kept between you and the instructor.

Make sure you complete a spell check and an edit for grammar before you submit your work.

Sample Set-Up:

Ima Student
Week 8 Writing Assignment

Concept: Describe group polarization. Why does it occur?

SUMMARY: Write a short paragraph (between 5-10 sentences) that summarizes the concept.

PERSONALIZE: You will now personalize this concept by explaining a story from your own life. Write 2-3 paragraphs (1/2 – 1 page). This is a confidential assignment and will be between you and the instructor. Feel free to share your ideas. (Does the knowledge presented change your prior perception? Would you have acted differently? )This is your chance to apply the material. Your instructor will gauge your understanding based upon this discussion.

These topics are within the chapter:

Chapter 12

  1. Define social loafing. When is it more likely to occur? When is it less likely to occur?
  2. Explain how individual failure and goals affect an individual’s decision to join a group.
  3. Define transactive memory. How is it relevant to making accurate decisions in groups?
  4. Describe group polarization. Why does it occur?
  5. Explain minority influence. When are opinion minorities most persuasive?
  6. Alone or In Groups? What are some of the disadvantages and advantages of working in groups as opposed to working individually? How do these factors change as group size increases?
  7. Groupthink: What is groupthink? Under what circumstances is it more likely? Under what circumstances is it less likely? Ask students if they have ever been in a group situation and felt a stronger motivation to maintain group harmony than to work on the goals of the group. If you were leading a group discussion, what could you do to reduce groupthink?
  8. Effective Leaders: Think of effective leaders they have known. Why was that person a good leader? If you were a member of a group, what characteristics would you look for in a leader? When would the leader’s gender influence his or her effectiveness? If you wanted to be selected as a leader of a group, what traits would you try to accentuate?
  9. Deindividuation: David Dodd (1985) suggests a way to introduce the issue of deindividuation. Dodd found that the most frequent responses were criminal acts (the most common behavior was robbing a bank), sexual acts, and spying. “If you could do anything humanly possible, and no one would ever know about it, what would you do?” List your behavior into antisocial, non-normative (violating a social norm without helping or hurting anyone), neutral, and prosocial. This is an anonymous response.
  10. For each of the following groups, how could you increase the level of interdependence, common identity, and stable structure? Fraternity
    Movie patrons
    Students in a lecture class
    Students in a laboratory class
    Passengers on an airplane
    Kids at a summer camp
    College football team
    College golf team
    Neighborhood watch groupWhich group would need the most assistance? Which group is already “real” as determined by these criteria?
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