Eating disorders of men and how they are under diagnosed and misdiagnosed.
January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023

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Instructions: Response must be at least 150 words written in current APA format with at least two academic references cited. References must be within the last five years. Response must extend, refute/correct, or add additional nuance.Medical interventions are necessary when seeking to improve health and treat ailments affecting patients. Advanced nurse practitioners and healthcare professionals in general are charged with providing treatment options to their clients. In doing so, they liaise with the concerned patients to provide patient-centered care in consideration with the patient needs and their preferences. Giving prescription is largely a nurse role as they are qualified to provide prescription without having to seek consent and approval from the doctors (De Baetselier et al., 2021). Other than enhancing their role, it greatly benefits patients with improved access to healthcare professionals and drugs necessary for improving their health needs.Nurses are involved in various processes while undertaking the role of prescribing drugs. To start with, they need to understand the nature of illness from which the patient is suffering from. Different medication regimen serves different purposes when administered. Based on the assessment and past medication history, nurses get to determine which drugs are suitable for specific patients and which of them are not (Kooienga & Wilkinson, 2017). Some healthcare conditions make it necessary to avoid specific drugs due to substances used in processing the drugs. Understanding health issues also helps choose best medication which have provided positive health benefits determined on other patients presenting similar symptoms and health conditions.Proper knowledge of different types of medication is crucial in the prescription process. This may entail anything ranging from the composition to the mode of action of the different medication types (Marvanova & Henkel, 2018). Patients may present allergic reactions to some drug types due to their composition. Knowledge on medication helps avoid such reactions through use of alternative drugs which provide similar health benefits yet are safe for individual patients. To effectively do this, nurses need to understand the nature of the patient’s condition and drugs which go along with the patient’s body.Nurses are also tasked with providing information on both the benefits and possible side effects associated with drug use. Such information enables patients and caregivers to know what signs to look out for and how best to prevent them. While some side effects may be mild, adverse effects may cause health risks and often lead to health deterioration. Some drugs may not be taken concurrently due to the effect of contraindication. Nurses take the initiative to provide patient education aimed at providing information on drug use (Kooienga & Wilkinson, 2017). This reduces the probability of adverse side effects that may impact recovery and management of diseases.Clients may also prefer specific types of medication which may have desirable effects when used as opposed to others. Engaging patients helps in creating an efficient treatment plan necessitating recovery. Nurses are charged with the responsibility of correctly prescribing medication providing directions on how drugs should be taken (Hopia et al., 2017). It is worth noting that some drugs are taken before meals while some require users to have taken meals prior to administering medication for enhanced effects. While prescribing medication, nurses inform patients on substances to avoid which may include alcohol and other drugs that may have an effect on how the body reacts. Relaying such information helps enhance the effectiveness of medication as well as preventing adverse drug effects.

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