Questionaire Activity Template (For Mrs Lynn Eyes Only)

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April 27, 2022
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April 27, 2022

Questionaire Activity Template (For Mrs Lynn Eyes Only)

Questionnaire Activity Template

We have used questionnaires in this course to help you identify your perceptions and preferences on the different aspects of leadership. Now you will take the data (scoring interpretations) from each of the four questionnaires to compile the information and begin to develop your unique combination of the aspect to define your personal leadership model.

To develop your model, first analyze the scoring interpretation from each questionnaire. Using the chart below, record your responses from each of the questionnaires. As a reminder, the scoring interpretation from each of the questionnaires is shown below:

Questionnaire 1.3 (Northouse, 2021):

The scores you received on this questionnaire provide information about how you define and view leadership. The emphasis you give to the various dimensions of leadership has implications for how you approach the leadership process. For example, if your highest score is for trait emphasis, it suggests that you emphasize the role of the leader and the leader’s special gifts in the leadership process. However, if your highest score is for relationship emphasis, it indicates that you think leadership is centered on the communication between leaders and followers, rather than on the unique qualities of the leader. By comparing your scores, you can gain an understanding of the aspects of leadership that you find most important and least important. The way you think about leadership will influence how you practice leadership.

Questionnaire 3.3 (Northouse, 2021):

This questionnaire is designed to measure three common styles of leadership: authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire. By comparing your scores, you can determine which styles are most dominant and least dominant in your own style of leadership.

Questionnaire 4.3 (Northouse, 2021):

This questionnaire is designed to measure your task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership behavior. By comparing your scores, you can determine which style is more dominant in your own style of leadership. If your task score is higher than your relationship score, you tend to give more attention to goal accomplishment and somewhat less attention to people-related matters. If your relationship score is higher than your task score, your primary concern tends to be dealing with people, and your secondary concern is directed more toward tasks. If your scores are very similar to each other, it suggests that your leadership is balanced and includes an equal amount of both behaviors.

Questionnaire 5.3 (Northouse, 2021):

The Leadership Skills Questionnaire is designed to measure three broad types of leadership skills: administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual. By comparing your scores, you can determine where you have leadership strengths and where you have leadership weaknesses.

Northouse, Introduction to Leadership, 5e, SAGE Publishing, 2021.

Questionnaire TopicHighest scoring area(s) If you have two areas very close in score please include both.How this area’s score impacts your ideas about leadership (hint- check scoring interpretation.
ExampleRelationship emphasisThis score indicates that I feel the emphasis for leaderships should be on the relationship or interaction between the leader and the followers.
Q 1.3- Definition and view of leadership
Q 3.3- Identify your style of leadership
Q 4.3- Measure task and relationship-oriented leadership behavior
Q 5.3- Measure three broad types of leadership skills

Now that you have the initial set of information from the questionnaires, you will need to analyze the responses in relation to each other. To do this you will prioritize which of your scores you feel is the most important to you in the development of your personalized leadership model. Please rank the four areas below, with the most important first and the least important in the fourth position.

ExampleYour responses
1. Democratic Leadership Style1.
2. Relationship emphasis2.
3. Balanced relational and task orientation3.
4. Primary strength Conceptual with secondary Interpersonal strength4.

Take a moment to review the data shown above, both your highest scoring areas and the prioritization you assigned to the four areas. For the last portion of this assignment, write a summary of the insights you have gained about your leadership. In a paragraph of at least five sentences or more, share your insights to address the questions below:

· Looking at this information, what is most surprising to you about your preferences?

· Reflect on some of the opportunities you have had to lead others—how well does this assessment of your preferences align with your actions in the past?

· What is one action you can take now to help you continue to develop your leadership skills to align with the areas you consider your leadership preferences?

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