reading intensive course history assignment help

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March 11, 2023
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reading intensive course history assignment help


This is a reading intensive course and you are expected to read each of the assigned chapters. In addition to reading, you will be required to submit three Journals, which will consist of fifteen journal entries. You are encouraged to research material outside of the textbook to develop a deeper understanding of your topic. You will be allowed to choose the topic for each of your journal entries. Each journal entries should be at least 120 words, but you may find that your entries are more than that. Each entry should be in your own words, paraphrasing is allowed, but you may not copy directly from any source. Works cited is not necessary. All journals must be submitted via Blackboard and must be submitted in a word compatible document. All journals will be submitted to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. It is the student’s responsibility to make certain the document is word compatible. If the instructor is unable to open the assignment, or if SafeAssign cannot generate an originality score, the journal will not be graded and will result in a zero. NO late assignments will be accepted for any reason.

Journals should be formatted according to the following instructions:

12 point Times New Roman Font

One Inch Margins

Each Journal Entry should be labeled and typed in Bold (Ex: Entry 1)

Journal entries must be single spaced with a space between entries.

Each entry should be at least 120 words.

Typed in a Microsoft Word Compatible document

All fifteen journals should be turned in on one document

Journal entries should be submitted through SafeAssign

Journal entries should be submitted on time, no late journals will be accepted



Representative Democracy

Bill of Rights – Purpose of, Ratification

Inalienable Rights (Declaration of Independence)

Virginia Plan

Supremacy Clause (Doctrine)

Great Compromise

Three-Fifths Compromise

Checks and Balances

Electoral College

Judicial Review

Enumerated (Expressed) Powers

Necessary and Proper Clause


Federal System

Concurrent powers

Police power

Full Faith and Credit Clause

Gibbons v. Ogden

Tenth Amendment

Categorical Grants

Civil Liberties

Fourteenth Amendment

Free Exercise Clause

Establishment Clause

The Lemon Test

Prior Restraint

Clear and Present Danger Test

Symbolic Speech



Defendant’s Pretrial Rights

Miranda Rule

Eighth Amendment

Civil Rights

Brown v. Board of Education

Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement Philosophy


SCOTUS and Sexual Harassment

Due Process – which amendments refer to

Standard for determining guilt

Exclusionary rule

Thirteenth amendment

Jim Crow

Plessy v. Ferguson

Little Rock, Arkansas & President Eisenhower

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Lawrence v. Texas

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