recurrence equation

NUR-504 Week 1 Assignment Benchmark – Evidenced-Based Practice (EBP) Summary
January 15, 2021
Nursing Patient Care Plan
January 15, 2021

recurrence equation

Consider ternary strings, that is strings formed from symbols 0, 1, and 2. Let Z_n be the

number of ternary strings of length n that do not contain substrings 22 and 12. For example, for n = 3, all

the strings with this property are:


and thus Z_3 = 17. (Note that Z_0 = 1, because the empty string satis es the condition.)

(a) Derive a recurrence relation for the numbers Zn. Justify it.


I have alredy devired the recurrence equation, I just need a strong justification!!!!




how to prorely justify my answer?

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