Regulating the Internet law homework help

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March 14, 2023
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March 14, 2023

Regulating the Internet law homework help

Dear writer please take your time and write this paper write at least 5 pages mke shore you add references at the end of the paper and also avoid pligiarism no pligiarism please and also applique the written assignment and research rubrics while written i am going to attach it with this post download it and read it before you start written.

Below is a list of possible topics for your final project. You may pick one or choose your own with authorization, but they should involve a specific constitutional or civil liberties issue. Your paper should focus on the Court’s treatment of the issue and the competing perspective. Your paper should include an evaluation and critique of those issues based on perspectives, terms and concepts that we have learned in our class. Your opinion is very important in this project but needs to be supported with actual research or facts. For example, “we don’t need gun control” is in itself not acceptable. Give the analytical reason why we don’t need gun control, if that is your position and how it differs or coincides with the Court’s position. Be prepared to defend your positions.

The requirements for this project are as follows:

  • Proper APA style (see Rubrics/Grading Criteria and model format). An APA format has been provided for your convenience.
  • Five to seven pages in length (this does not include the title or reference page but does include the abstract page)
  • Paper must include a minimum of two scholarly sources, not including your textbook, that discuss constitutional and/or civil liberties on any of your topics
  • News & most websites are not scholarly sources but may be used for examples.
  • For further guidance on your paper, please refer to the “Written Assignment and Research Paper Rubric“.
  • Assignment should be uploaded in this section before midnight on Sunday.

Example of sample topics:

  • The Legitimacy of the Incorporation of the Bill of Rights
  • The Court and the Establishment Clause
  • Anti-Pornography Statutes and the First Amendment
  • The First Amendment and Hate Speech Regulation
  • A Free Press and Access to Criminal Trials
  • The First Amendment and Problems Posed by Regulating the Internet
  • The Tension between First Amendment, Privacy Rights and the Internet
  • Curfew Statutes and “Fundamental Rights”
  • The Constitutional Status of Commercial Speech
  • Violence, Television, and Governmental Regulation
  • The “Original Intent” of the Speech, Press, or Establishment Clauses
  • The Future of Establishment Clause Interpretation
  • Student speech rights
  • The Future of a Constitutional Right to an Abortion
  • The Constitutionality religious liberty v. gay rights
  • Faith-based Initiatives and the Establishment Clause
  • What effect will Chief Justice Roberts have on the Court?
  • Creationism, Science, and Public Schools
  • What effect will the next president’s appointment have on the Supreme Court?
  • Where will Justice Kennedy take us in regards to being a “swing vote”?

Resources for Assessment:

  • Week 7 Readings and Resources

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: All Goals and Objectives for Constitutional Law.

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