Content Lesson Presentation
January 23, 2023
Watch the video to address the following. Be sure to provide specific examples for each practice of exemplary leadership.
January 23, 2023

Research Methods

1. Formulate the Research Methods for your selected topic. Make sure that your incorporate all appropriate elements. Please note that all students are to carry out a meta-analysis research method.* the type of research used. Please note that, for this assignment, you can use only the meta-analysis method!* the step-by-step process of the research* the tools used during the research* how were these tools handled.Note: Remember that you should use the past tense, 3rd person, passive voice.2. Post your Research Methods.3. Then, read the posts submitted by two other classmates and provide meaningful feedback for improvement.Topic:  Benefits of legalizing Marijuana in the USAttached is the introduction and the literature review.How to write a research methodology: Research MethodClick here to read a sample research method written by an MRU student.For this study, a meta-analysis method was used to synthesize different results found among several studies. The researcher accessed the virtual library through the MRU home page. Then, the researcher accessed the EBSCOhost databases. Once there, the researcher selected both MEDLINE Complete and CINAHL Complete. An advanced search was performed, for which the following keywords were entered in the Boolean search: “IBS”, “STRESS”, and “WOMEN.” The search was limited to references providing full text, peer reviewed, and abstract available. A limitation was set for research published within the last five years, from 2015 to 2020. Additionally, researcher consulted only articles published in English and Spanish. The search provided access to a total of 362 articles, of which only five (5) studies were selected based on their relevance with the topic; the other 357 were discarded.

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