Research paper Global warming environmental science homework help

January 12, 2021

Research paper Global warming environmental science homework help

you will write a 1500-word research paper, based on the prompt below.

you MUST also include at least three credible outside sources. The outside sources should be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals or reputable websites with .gov, .edu, or .org extensions. (Wikipedia is not a reputable source!)

According to Gallup, an American research-based consulting company known for its public opinion polls, the worry of global warming is at an eight-year high. A recent poll shows about 70% of Americans believe that global warming is real and the effects of it have already begun.

However, even within these statistics, there is still a great divide between those who think that global warming is an important issue, what money should be invested into it, what effects it has, or even what exactly is causing it.

Looking closer at the issue of climate change, do you believe that it is an important problem in our country to address? Why or why not? What measures, if any, should be taken to help with global warming? What role should the United States take when it comes to climate change? Or has the U.S. invested too much time and money into climate change, ultimately costing jobs and development? Pick a side and present evidence regarding this issue.

NO PLAGIARISM AND LINKS TO WERE SOURCES WHERE FOUND MUST BE ON REFERENCE PAGE Attached is an example of how the paper should be done

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