Retail Homework management homework help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

Retail Homework management homework help

Questions will be answered based on Victoria’s Secret

In this, our final “Get Out & Do” assignment, we will be reviewing your retailer’s use of space, visual merchandising, and efforts to create customer engagement in their brick-and-mortar locations. We will also be analyzing the retailer’s efforts at engagement on their website.

  1. What is the chosen layout of the retailer? (Grid, Racetrack, Freeform)
  2. Why did the retailer choose this layout?
  3. How do the space and merchandise strategies effectively:
  1. Create add-on sales
  2. Build loyalty
  3. Add to consumer convenience or engagement
  1. How did the complete in-store experience make you feel?

Please use the five senses to elaborate:

  • Sight: how what you saw made you feel – if anything
  • Sound: how what you heard made you feel – if anything
  • Smell: how the scents you smelled made you feel – if anything
  • Touch: how what you touched made you feel – if anything
  • Taste: how what you tasted made you feel – if anything
  1. How is the retailer’s website organized?
  1. Describe the overall layout of the site. Does the Homepage inspire, engage, intrigue the consumer? How?
  2. Describe the images of products that are presented. Are the images static or interactive? If interactive, describe the viewing options available to the consumer.
  3. Does the format of the website encourage browsing, lingering, and exploring? Explain.
  4. Does the site offer editorial content beyond simple product photos and descriptions?

Conclusion: Given the six “Get Out and Do” assignments we have now completed, summarize your retailer’s competitive strengths as evidenced by your analyses. Is there a weakness to identify as well?

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