review of the Doris McCarthy Gallery exhibit writing homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

review of the Doris McCarthy Gallery exhibit writing homework help

Assignment: Compose a research essay of 6-7 pages (approximately 2000 words), based on a
review of the Doris McCarthy Gallery exhibit, �lois andison: relay,� and the artworks therein.
Draw on major course themes (e.g., ideology, text, gender, technology, art, etc.) to construct a
thesis about the works you�ve chosen, your interpretation of the works or the exhibit as a whole,
and/or the artist�s intentions and accomplishments.
You should choose to focus on one to three individual pieces of art from the exhibit, and you
may, if you wish, consider the theme(s) of the exhibit as a whole in light of these examples. You
should not attempt to discuss more than three works in a paper of this length. Establish a
thesis that clearly illustrates the theoretical lens you will use to examine your chosen artworks,
and then use this lens to thoroughly engage each piece individually. Your conclusion should
weave together these separate treatments in light of the overall claim and purpose of the paper.
Do not simply restate your thesis or summarize your paper; offer your reader a sense of closure,
and use concluding paragraphs to reflect on the overall repercussions of your argument (the �so
what?� or sense of what is at stake).
You should use the exhibit and related material (e.g., the audio guide, curator�s statement, etc.)
and 3-5 scholarly books or articles as supporting sources for your thesis, discovered through
your own research. Note: in our November 13th tutorials, we�ll be attending a library research
session, which will help you begin finding such sources and to refine your research methods for
this assignment.
Length: 6-7 pages, approximately 2000 words; quality is more important than word count. Do
not exceed 7 pages plus a separate Works Cited page. Do not use a title page, but do give your
essay a unique and informative title.
Your essay must be typed (double-spaced) in Times New Roman, 12 point font. Follow
formatting and citation guidelines as outlined in the MLA 7 guide.

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