Searching for the Truth philosophy homework help

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March 13, 2023
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March 13, 2023

Searching for the Truth philosophy homework help

I browse the writing and instructions. PLEASE NEED REALLY FIX BECAUSE HERE GOT D BECAUSE there is much repetition and there is no much analysis from both sources and it is not specific. Also be aware of instructions

the problems

there is much repetition

also , you have to show the voice of the reader

and make sure that you inckude what below


-He knows he knows nothing and that why he is the wiser

-The Wisdom he has because he understands he knows nothing unlike other people who think they know everything

-He challenges people wisdom by ask questions that they do not have answer too although they thought they knew what they talk about.

-He try to help them find their ignorance so they can know the limitation of the body


-Even though that Socrates try to help him find his ignorance he does not admit. EX) when Socrates ask him about impiety definition he does not able to give a definition and start to talk about examples instead of definition.

Does not realize his ignorance he falls to find the truth.

-More about Impiety and how Euthyphro not able to give definition of it even though he shows that he know it.


-Finding the truth is hard thing to do it is not that easy, it is long journey that people do what easy to do like Euthyphro do. Many people may do what he do.

-It is hard to admit the limitation of the body and do what. He fully understands the limitation of the body and ignorance.

make sure these ideas include

and check grammer there many mistkes

on first part you said this idea many times over and over : Acknowledgement of ignorance helps people to find the truth

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