Sequence Chart Diagram State chart Diagram and Class diagram In Visio computer science homework help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

Sequence Chart Diagram State chart Diagram and Class diagram In Visio computer science homework help

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Draw all diagrams using MS-Visio and copy/paste them into MS-Word. Submit MS- Visio file for sequence chart only.(Keep these Three file with you I may asked for it)

Q1. sequence chart(Diagram)

Develop a sequence diagram for the use case description (for the use case “Purchase Stock”) provided below. You have to include at least one interface object, one control object, and serval entity objects in your sequence diagram. Use MS-Visio to draw the diagram but copy/paste it into MS-Word. Submit MS-Visio file also.

Stock Broker System

Following is the description of a use case when an individual/customer wants to purchase a stock using a Stock Broker System. You need to develop a detailed use case scenario for this use case by using the sample format/description provided on Blackboard for the user case scenario write up.

Description of the Use Case: Purchase Stock

In order to purchase a stock, a user/customer needs to log into the Stock Broker System using his/her userid and password. Once the user enters the userid and password and hits submit button, system verifies whether the userid and password are correct. If these are incorrect, user is asked to enter userid or password again. Once the user is able to log into the system successfully, a screen is displayed which provides option to buy stock, sell stock, or view account information. User selects buy stock option and his submit. Subsequently on the screen which is displayed, user is asked to provide the following details: stocks he/she wants to purchase, quantity of each stock, and the price limit within which he/she is willing to buy the stock. If a user is not sure about the stock symbol before entering the stock user intends to buy, he/she can loop up stock symbols before proceeding further. Once user has entered all these details, he/she hits submit order button. Before hitting the submit button, user has the option to cancel the order and go back to the main screen. When submit order button is pressed, an order for stock purchase is placed. Then system computes the total value of the stocks to be purchased and verifies if user has sufficient funds in his/her account with the brokerage firm. If a user does not have sufficient funds in the account with the brokerage firm to cover the stocks he/she intends to purchase, the order placed by the customer is rejected and the order is deleted from the order file. However, if a customer has sufficient funds, the order is considered confirmed and a

confirmation # is provided to the user. The order is processed when the stock is available within the price limits specified by the customer. Subsequently, the user account is debited for the amount of stocks purchased.

Q2. (state chart)

In an airline reservation system, one of the objects is Flight. The Flight object goes through various states, for example, status of a flight could be boarding or in-flight. Draw a state chart for various states the Flight object goes through in an airline reservation system. Make any logical necessary assumptions and make sure you state the assumptions below the diagram. Show the event trigger, guard condition, and action for state transitions.

Q3: (class diagram)

Draw a class diagram based on the following description:

Whenever new patients are seen for the first time, they complete a patient information form that asks their name, address, phone number, and insurance carrier, which are stored in the patient information file. Patients can be signed up with only one insurance carrier, but they must be signed up to be seen by the doctor. Each time a patient visits the doctor, an insurance claim is sent to the carrier for payment. The claim must contain information about the visit such as the date, purpose, and cost. It would be possible for a patient to submit two claims on the same day.

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