Short answer for each question

January 12, 2021

Short answer for each question

Part A

  • Define business ethics. Give an example of how it can be applied in business (6 marks)
  • Explain the three different leadership styles identified by Lewin. Identify situations where each style is most appropriate. (15 marks)
  • One of the provisions of the WHS Act of 2012 is consultation. Explain what consultation is and what are its aims? (8 marks)
  • Read the following excerpt from the ABC Decks Business Plan
  • How can organisations manage change successfully? Explain. (8 marks)

The core activity of ABCDecks Business Plan:

The core activity of ABCDecks is the planning, design, building and construction, and/or renovation of house decks. The business will provide a complete service, including free quotes and designs, building and construction and all associated services, after sales maintenance and a seven-year guarantee covering workmanship.

ABCDecks recognises the importance of environmental sustainability; therefore, it is our commitment to only use sustainable materials in all our projects.

Over the next 12 months, ABCDecks will undertake 25 renovation jobs valued at$12,000 each. Over the next 12 months, ABCDecks will generate $300,000 in sales ABCDecks will have a working capital of $41,000 by the end of April. Over the next 12 months, ABCDecks will have served 30 new clients, have quoted a further 200 clients and have completed projects of $10,000 plus for 50% of clients.

Based on the information provided above, identify the organisation’s mission, purpose, objectives and values. (9 marks)

Part B

  • Explain in your own words how an effective leader can build trust, confidence and gain respect amongst a diverse group? (6 marks)
  • Describe at least three different methods of communication a leader can use when communicating and /or consulting with staff?(3 marks)
  • According to Susan M Heathfield, what are three of the 12 C’s for team building (refer to workbook)? (8 marks)
  • Choose one of the factors in Question 3 and describe in your own words how this makes the performance more consistent among members? (3 marks)
  • What causes a group’s performance to level of as it grows in size?(6 marks)
  • Name three groups and/or individuals from which a role model commands respect? (3marks)
  • What does the term resourcing mean? (4 marks)
  • What are two ways that a person could participate with industry groups to maintain professional currency? (4 marks)
  • Briefly describe what you understand workplace culture to mean (5 marks)
  • Referring to page 84 of the workbook, list five of the elements that make up an organisation’s culture (8 marks)
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