January 12, 2021

simple answers required

Part 1

Complete the following assignment:

Calculate your personal ‘total energy output per day’ using the formula given in the previous presentation. Compare a day’s calorie intake taken from your diet analysis in Section 2.

Are you taking in more or less than you expend? What may the long term effects be on your body? (3 points)

Using a “Weight for Height” table that you found on the web, determine the average weight or weight range for a person of your height and sex. Does your body weight correspond within the weight range given? Are there any personal factors that may be influencing your weight?(2 points)

Calculate your BMI using the formula presented previously and determine which BMI range do you fit into? Are there any personal factors that may make the BMI not applicable to you? (3 points)

Compare the results of the methods used above in the assessment of your body weight status. What are your thoughts and reactions to them? (2 point)

To get the full 10 points for this assignment, your calculations must be done correctly and you must use one to three sentence answers to the questions. Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment. Refer to the writing rubric (DOCX) to see how your assignment will be graded.

Part 2

In a 300 to 400 word essay, describe how you have personally been affected by nutrition myths. What dietary practices have you put into place that may be harmful, and how do these practices differ from what you have learned about healthy eating guidelines? What products have you purchased, and for what purpose? What types of media have influenced your food buying decisions?

Document your sources and use the writing rubric (DOCX) to see how your assignment will be graded.

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