story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings English homework help

January 12, 2021

story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings English homework help

So this assignment is require to answer the question about the story, i will upload the story document below for you.

How is the “angel” treated by the family and by the other folks in the town?

Why is the priest an important character in the story?

What does the spider woman have to do with anything?Why is she in the story?

What might Garcia Marquez be trying to say about human behavior with this story?

Also this assignment require to post one response to other student’s work as well, i will post the other student’s work here for you, you basically just need to simply response to his work in 100-200 words, you can also use his post as a sample.

Student’s post:

I believe ” A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” is based upon how people treat others, your morals and values. After reading this story, one immediate thought came to mind: “You should not judge a book by it’s cover”. I wonder if that particular statement makes any sense to my learning team members? Did any of you have similar thoughts? I happend to think the old man was treated poorly, to say the least, feeling very sad for this character, but extremely happy at the end of the story.

Pelayo and Elisenda thankfully, did not heed the advice of their neighbor and club him to death. For a moment, I did feel as though Pelayo and Elisenda were rather compassionate and nurturing, despite the physical description the book offered of the elderly man with enormous wings, I would have been frightened as well. Although the story does not prove or deny this fact, I did and still believe he was an “angel”. My initial thought being that the weather was so terrible that this “angel” in flight, was clearly disabled because of it, quite possibly having a terrible “landing” at the proper destination, either to heal or “come” for Pelayo and Elisendra’s feverish newborn?

As the story went on, I realized this poor old man was terribly mis-treated, living in the chicken coop, food being thrown in to him, as if he was a caged animal, causing physical harm to him (burned), being put on “display” and used for financial benefits by Elisendra and Pelayo and taunted horribly by the public. I fully understand that this character may have been frightening, but if frightened, why torment and tease on the other side of a locked up cage? This is the exact reason why I think this story is based upon morals- treat people the way you would like to be treated, I believe people have choices, and in this particular situation not to many individuals made respectable decisions.

Father Gonzaga was essentially one of the main character’s in the story, because he was going to be the deciding factor of whether the “Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” was or was not a definite angel. Although, his initial greeting with the old man leaned more towards him being an”imposter” because he did not speak the language of God or know how to “greet his ministers” or appear to have the “dignity of an angel” due to his physical appearance. I felt as though the “decision” was held up for quite a while awaiting responses, not only because of the times, but on purpose, to keep Father Gonzaga as an important character within the story.

I believe the Spider Woman was placed in the story to prove that speaking her story and answering questions from the public, made her much different appearance more believable and not “doubt the truth”. Meaning if the “angel” did the same, there would not have been disbelief, thus, he would not have been treated in such the manner that he was, if he spoke of his situation there would have been more of an acceptance.

In conclusion, the ending of the story, in my interpretation, was wonderful! Feeling as though the torture lessened, as the elderly man was no longer in the chicken coop, in what seemed to be a little better of an environment, the shed and able to kind of move more freely around the house at times. I do believe this was also a sign of recovery, he was gaining strength and because the public became bored with him. I felt that regardless of all the turmoil the “Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” faced, He was able to heal, pick himself up from a weak position and fly off and become an “imaginary dot on the horizon of the sea”.

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