Strategies & Quality Practice

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May 10, 2022
Identify and discuss at least two potential ethical issues that could be of concern for nurses with telehealth delivered care.
May 10, 2022

Strategies & Quality Practice

A theory has been defined as statements or set of analytical principles that are designed to structure people’s understanding, observation, and explanation of the reality in the world (Nilsen, 2020). In most cases, theories apply some relationships between multiple variables and some specific predictions. A successful theory provides a clear explanation of how and why some relationships can lead to specific events. Theories can be described based on the abstraction continuum. 

Nursing profession is transforming in the modern society. Strong leadership is important in attaining the anticipated transformative changes in the health care system. Nurses have various professional roles in the clinical setting. The professional roles of nurses are centered in ensuring provision of safe and quality care that meet the health needs of individual patients. Nursing theories are based on the four nursing metaparadigm concepts (Nilsen, 2020). Florence Nightingale introduced a number of nursing theories that have provided the basis for development of other theoretical frameworks; thus, helping in improving quality of patient care. Quality is an important consideration in the provision of holistic care that meet the needs of the individual clients. Florence Nightingale is considered as the “mother of nursing” due to her remarkable contributions to the profession of nursing (Nilsen, 2020).

Various strategies have been proposed for ensuring that professional nurses can effectively use their work environment to advocate for the integration of nursing theory as one an important framework for quality practice (Mitchell, 2013). First, developing a vision and mission statement is important in ensuring successful implementation of nursing theories for attaining quality practice. Nurses can set a vision and mission statement related to the implementation of various theoretical concepts. Implementation science is important in developing vision and mission statement in the adoption of various nursing theories into clinical practice. Implementation science allows nurses to address challenges associated with the integration of research to attain more evidence-based practice (EBP) in the health care system (Mitchell, 2013). The vision and mission statement for implementing various nursing theories are based on the scope of each theory or model. 

Second, nurses can undertake a benchmark to determine the efficacy of some nursing theories in improving quality practice. Through implementation science, nurses may conduct various benchmarks to assess how the nursing theories can be implemented into the nursing practice to improve quality of care. Nursing theories are important for implementation since they guide in the clinical practice towards providing quality, safe, holistic, and patient-centered (Nilsen, 2020).  Through benchmarks, professional nurses can develop practice guidelines.  Nursing theories are also significant in developing standard of practice.  

Determining the viability of as specific nursing theory is another strategy in the implementation of various nursing theories as frameworks for improving quality practice in the profession of nursing (Nilsen, 2020). The viability of various concepts, variables, or constructs of specific nursing theories should be assessed before implementing these theoretical frameworks in nursing practice.


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