subject verb agreement english homework help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

subject verb agreement english homework help

Directions: You are to being asked to do the following three things for each sentence:

A. First, identify each verb and the subject it is suppose to agree with by underlining the subject once and the verb twice

Note: there is more than one verb and more than one subject in each sentence.

B. Second, draw a line from the verb to the subject it is suppose to agree with.

C. Third, in the space provided below each sentence, rewrite the sentence so that all the subjects and verbs agree.Remember, the term, subject, does not necessarily refer to the subject of the sentence; rather, it is the subject of the verb. These can be different.

1. In the last half of the semester, it is common for students to struggle with motivation and discipline. They finds it really hard to concentrate and to manage their time.

2. Students is tired and is bored with writing, but they still have more papers to write and more quizzes to take. Many is also juggling work and family responsibilities.

3. Sometimes motivation come from outside you, from someone you admires, from a parent or a friend – but most of the time, motivation come from a deliberate choice to try to motivate yourself to do what you knows you needs to do.

4. When a student have to self-motivate, some students focuses on their goals: learning a particular thing; passing or getting a particular grade on a quiz or exam, or even in the class.

5.Other students imagines themselves in the career they has chosen, they imagines themselves being successful, they imagines themselves financially stable, they imagines themselves with a happy family and beautiful home.

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