successful project management 5th edition wk 3 2 essay questions

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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

successful project management 5th edition wk 3 2 essay questions

Answer the following essay questions

Now that your project schedule has been created and your resources have been allocated, please analyze your results and answer the following essay questions. In your analysis, be sure to identify the critical path and relate any time reduction opportunities to specific activites in the WBS.

Essay Question #1: Will the Huntsville Plant Project be ready by the June 30, 2012 deadline set by the board of directors? What options might be open to ensure this deadline is met, if the current schedule indicates the Huntsville plant project will not be ready in time?

Essay Question #2: Are there any resources over-allocated? If yes, during which month(s) and what are some ways this might be addressed?

Using your own words, I am looking for a two to three page essay report that addresses the essay questions above. Remember, the report must be to a level of clarity and depth that would be readily understood by the executive management; in other words do not repeat the questions, avoid a simple “Yes” or “No” answer. Do support your analysis with both in-text citation and references from the textbook, PMBOK or other juried sources. Include a cover sheet and a reference page. Use APA Style format, spacing double, one inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font size.

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