Talent Management writing homework help

January 12, 2021

Talent Management writing homework help

In this assignment, you will begin by performing a Job Analysis and then you will develop a Job Description and a Person (Job) Specification. The importance of this assignment will help you to understand and use some tools available for talent management planning.

You are an HR professional for a large corporation. You have been asked to do a job analysis for a full-time corporate accountant position that will be working in your company (This is not a free lance position.). As you do not have the luxury of actually collecting primary data from inside, you will use secondary data collected from the BLS and the O*NET websites (see course videos).

Using the accountant position proceed with the following questions:

1. Job Description

    • What is a job description? Why is it important to have one for each position? What is it used for?
    • Develop a job description for the in-house accountant position. (Use the Job Description form in the folder. Jim’s Dilemma will explain how to fill it out.)

2. Person Specification

    • What is a person specification? Why is it important to have one for each position? What is it used for?
    • Develop a job specification for the in- house accountant position.


  • Papers should be approximately 5-7 pages in length. All answers should be thorough and well-thought out. Remember, this is a graduate-level course and you will be graded accordingly.
  • Papers should show knowledge of the material from this week’s module and demonstrate the ability to synthesize the theory (not just repeat it back.).
  • All papers must have a completed official NSU coversheet attached (see syllabus).
  • Papers should be in 12 pt. (Arial, Times Roman) and doubled space with one-inch margins. Indent paragraphs (do not skip lines between them!
  • Answers should be written in APA format. Use headings and subheadings (in APA format) to delineate questions and part of questions. Do not repeat the questions or number them.
  • All papers should have page numbers with the body of the paper (not the coversheet) beginning on page one.
  • The header at the top of each page should have your name and assignment number (ex. A Fiedler Assignment #1).
  • Papers will also be graded on grammar, spelling, and appropriate APA formatting (headings, subheadings, paragraphs, page numbers, etc.). These are formal papers and should be written as such. Do not use contractions (isn’t, can’t) and write out single-digit numbers (six, rather than 6). Proofread your work carefully!

ALL paper should be written using APA format. It is best to refer to your APA Manual. If you do not have a manual yet, you may want to refer to the following website:


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