Technology in everyday life Health and medicine homework help

January 12, 2021

Technology in everyday life Health and medicine homework help

Technology in everyday life

How big a part does technology play in your own life? Have you ever taken stock of just how much technology is a part of your daily life? For many of us, the day starts by bounding out of a Sleep Number bed to coffee that was set to automatically grind, drip and stay hot until you drink it. Perhaps you sip your coffee while reading your email and eating microwaved oatmeal, and then clean your teeth with an electric toothbrush. What comes next?

For this Discussion, you will make a journal of just one day’s use of technology. You may be surprised at just how closely tied your life is to technology and energy use.

Discussion topic NOTE: This Discussion has two parts.

Part One

Make a four-column table of every technological device you use for one entire day.

  • In the first column, list the device.
  • In the second column, categorize the use of each item as either:
    • Additive-adds something to daily life
    • Subtractive-removes something from daily life
    • Manipulative-uses something in a different way than that for which it was designed.
  • In the third column, explain what type of energy the technological device uses (i.e. electric, solar, battery, gas, manpowered).
  • In the fourth column, indicate whether the device is a necessity, a luxury, or something else.

Please use this Microsoft Word template to create your table. Just copy and paste the template into a new Microsoft Word Document. Next, add as many rows as you need to record the devices you use in a day by using the Table Tools/Layout/ Insert rows below option. Be sure to ask the instructor for help is you have trouble with the table template.


Additive, Subtractive, Manipulative

Energy type

Necessity, Luxury, something else

Part Two

  • Post your completed table of one day’s technology use in the Discussion Response area.
  • Comment on the similarities and differences between your list and that of two other students.
  • Do you and the two other peers agree on whether the same devices are necessities or luxuries?
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