The Atkinson Shiffrin model psychology homework help

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March 14, 2023
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March 14, 2023

The Atkinson Shiffrin model psychology homework help

Please remember that what you submit should be polished, college-level writing. I do not expect you to do any additional research beyond the material already assigned for class, but you must include citation information for any material you consult, including the textbook. Use APA format for your citations and follow the index at the back of the book for examples. I grade your first and only submission, but you may access the assignment early to learn the topic and plan your answer.

Your high school health teacher has contacted you. She knows you are taking psychology and are now an expert on memory. She is concerned that her students don’t know how memory works and thus don’t know how to approach studying for her class. They have an important test on healthy eating coming up, and she is concerned that the students won’t do well. Construct a letter to her students in which you explain to them how memory works and how they can improve it. You should include: a detailed description and explanation of the Atkinson-Shiffrin theory of memory, information on how to improve short term and long term memory, how memory is organized, and how it can be improved. Take a particular aspect of healthy eating and SHOW these students how they should learn something about it, practice it, etc., in order to best be able to retrieve it for the test.

Keep in mind while you are explaining all this that your audience is high school students, and so you should be explaining everything in clear terms they could understand.

Your goal should be to show me how well you understand memory by clearly explaining all parts of the topic to these students. Be sure to use your own words, and use language these students, who have not taken psychology, can understand. Explain any psychological terms you use.

Be sure to explain all parts of the answer in full. You will be graded on content, argument, grammar, etc. Also be sure to include citation as indicated above. To recap, your essay should be in letter format and should include APA style citations at end as well as in text as needed.

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