The Five Biggest Problems in Health Care Today health and medicine homework help

January 12, 2021

The Five Biggest Problems in Health Care Today health and medicine homework help

read The Five Biggest Problems in Health Care Today

answer the flowing questions

On problem #1, one reason (some would say the primary reason) for unnecessary care is what is commonly referred to as defensive medicine, i.e., practices and procedures motivated, at least in part, by the fear of litigation down-stream. The Affordable Care Act did NOT contain any significant movement in the area of tort reform….a disappointment to many, and a victory for others. Why has tort reform proved to be such a difficult (impossible?) step in health care?
Problem #2 avoidable harm to patients. Insights here?
Problem #3 cites a report from the Institute of Medicine, suggesting that a third or more of health costs are wasted. This problem is almost certainly connected to the issues touched on in problem #1, but others as well. Recommendations?
Problem #4 uses a very interesting phrase: “perverse incentives” (I hear the echo of Dr. Michael Porter here!). What are some of the perverse incentives that you’ve observed or studied, and what can be done about them?
Problem # 5 mentioned is the lack of transparency. What ideas do you have that might improve the cited lack of transparency in health care?
the blog piece is largely focused on early elective deliveries in childbirth, but the cited problems are not restricted to that practice alone. Do you disagree with the author’s promotion of these as the five biggest problems in health care? Agree? Offer suggestions?

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