The intrinsic individuals are goal oriented writing homework help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

The intrinsic individuals are goal oriented writing homework help

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An individual that is intrinsically motivated is driven by their own goals and get satisfaction from within while someone who is extrinsically motivated is driven by external rewards like job status or monetary gain (Huber, 2014).

One way to motivate an individual who is intrinsically driven would be to appeal to their ambitions. By giving this individual a purpose, a choice, a sense of pride and progression will be all the reward that is required.

One way to motivate an individual who is extrinsically driven is to reward them with a pay increase or a new title. By nominating this individual, who is driven extrinsically, for a type of recognition with a tangible reward may heighten their morale and productivity on the unit.

Characteristics of a performance driven team include an understanding of not only their individual’s strength and weakness but to have a comprehension of the strengths and weakness together as a team. By knowing what makes themselves strong and what areas they need to improve on will allow the team to make improvements continuously and utilize the strengths of one another, also the ability to understand your weak points lets you hire in those areas, thus strengthening the team as a whole. In addition, a performance driven team knows each other well, and deals with conflict in a trusting, positive manner, the team process includes each member in decision making, and leadership is often shared among members allowing for the team experience to maintain a rounded attitude and perspective (Nursing Times, 2011).

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