The Investment Policy Committee management homework help

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March 8, 2023
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The Investment Policy Committee management homework help

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The Investment Policy Committee of your firm is considering adding International Securities to their groups of portfolios. They have requested that you, as a Financial Analyst perform some research to aid them in the decision-making process. Specifically the committee would like to see some comparisons of returns, and other relevant portfolio theory statistical data of domestic stocks with international stocks. They would also like to read a report of your recommendations with regard to your findings.


Visit this finance Web site, and select two Large Cap Growth stocks. Select 1 company where the stock primarily trades in the US domestic financial markets, and select another that is an International Company that primarily conducts business outside of the US borders. Obtain the last 10 months of closing stock prices, and then compute one average price for each month.

Using the average price data, create an Excel file and use the appropriate Excel functions to determine the average return, standard deviation, variance, and correlation for the two stocks for the last 10 months.

Create a Word document using APA Style and discuss each of these financial metrics, and interpret your results. Also consider potential currency risks as part of your discussion.


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