The need for parent child communication writing homework help

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March 17, 2023
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March 17, 2023

The need for parent child communication writing homework help

Choose one of the following scenarios:

You are expecting your first child. You and your spouse are beginning the search for good daycare.

You overhear a conversation your 14-year-old is having and every other word out of his/her mouth is profanity.

You are expecting your first baby and are thinking about sleeping arrangements. You have heard of the concept of “the family bed” and are considering having the baby sleep with you and your spouse.

You are extremely concerned because your 11-year-old son has been suspended from school numerous times for fighting. He just can’t seem to get along with other children

You should elaborate on the scenario by writing a letter to a relative or close friend or a diary/journal entry from the perspective of a parent writing about his or her child. Your letter/diary should explain what happened in detail, identify the issues you will need to consider and research in coming up with a solution, and a plan of action for how you will deal with the situation.

The Paper should be double spaced and use a standard font Times New Roman, 12 pt

Attached is a sample how the paper should be written. Use MLA style with the references.

Also the grading rubric is attached.

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