The proposed family leave program is feminist writing homework help

January 12, 2021

The proposed family leave program is feminist writing homework help

The readings for this week focused on the institutionalization of the American gender order. It’s against Wade and Ferree’s discussions that I would like for you to evaluate the proposed family leave program introduced last week as a part of the Trump Administration’s budget. For information about the program, you can read Maggie Haberman’s article,

web:… in the New York Times.

Assignment. In this essay, I would like for you to present the two sides of the debate over whether the proposed program is pro-feminist or anti-feminist. That is debate the statement:

The proposed family leave program is feminist.

I would like to see a well-supported argument for the statement and a well-supported argument against the statement – that is, you should make the arguments in your essay that the family leave program is pro-feminist and also make the argument that it is anti-feminist (in whichever order you like).

Please incorporate materials from the textbook in your argument, especially chapters 07 and 08.

length 1200 words minimum; please include the word count at the end of your essay
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