The stages of child development for children that are entering Kindergarten assignment help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

The stages of child development for children that are entering Kindergarten assignment help

In your response, provide your peer with at least one suggested developmentally appropriate activity that could be used to support one of the milestones discussed in their fact sheet, or provide suggestions for how your peer can plan an environment or activity that nurtures each developmental domain.

Though the reply, the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you (including the instructor) before the last day of the learning week; this will further the conversation while also giving you opportunities to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real world experiences with this topic.

150-200 words.

The stages of child development for children that are entering Kindergarten

Children that are now entering Kindergarten have to reach a certain milestone so that he/she are prepared for this new and fun educational journey. For example, they should be able to count from 1- 10 with ease, or even to 20. They should have the understanding of how many is 6 objects or any other given number. They are less distracted now and able to stay focused on a task. They are now understanding how to ask for help and solve challenging task on their own as well. Their language level has also shown improvement they are able to have short conversations now. They are now understanding how to answer questions. They are physically able to use their hands in a more controlled manner, their jump and running has gotten better and they are able to jump high and run faster and for a long period of time. Emotionally they have started to have more confidence in themselves. They are able to share more with ease and without arguing about it. These is all important milestones that they have reached to be able to succeed in Kindergarten.


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This text is a Constellation™ course digital materials (CDM) title.

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