Three questions from anthropology social science homework help

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March 14, 2023
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March 14, 2023

Three questions from anthropology social science homework help

In this class, we have discussed the kinds of authoritative voices which influence the decisions we make in life. Your choice of career will be affected by many authoritative voices including those of your teachers and friends in college. A university education is supposed to help you explore your options, narrow your career choices, and make a series of informed decisions about the path you will choose going forward. This involves listening to a variety of authoritative voices and deciding which are most influential to your personally. This assignment is meant to encourage you to reflect on your skills and investigate the manner in which they might be applied to a future career.

1. Identify your major (my major is General Finance). 

2. Explain why you have chosen (or are thinking of choosing) these areas of study: What kind of information do you already have about following these paths? Think about the concept of authoritative voices: Who told you what it would be like to do the kind of work associated with this profession? Do you know anyone currently working in this profession? Have you ever spent any time in the workplace associated with this profession?

3. Identify the kinds of logic which suggest that this profession would be right for you. Economic logic is surely a factor in your decision-making process, but how do personal, intuitive, and cultural logic factor into your thought process? Do you have talents suited to your potential profession? Do you think you will enjoy the daily work associated with your profession? How does the cultural perception of the status of the job factor into your decision-making process? What are the roles of your parents, siblings, and friends in influencing your decision to follow a potential career track?

This assignment does not have require on page amount, probably 2 pages is fine.

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