Topic Strategies Used to Improve Print and Phonemic Awareness with Second Graders writing homework help

January 12, 2021

Topic Strategies Used to Improve Print and Phonemic Awareness with Second Graders writing homework help

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply what you have learned about selecting a topic, explaining the context for the topic, identifying a rationale for your topic selection, and showing how you will use research ethics for investigating the topic.

Directions: Submit a description of your topic by addressing the specific criteria listed below.

1. Begin by setting up your paper in APA format. Be sure to use a heading for each of the criteria in the assignment (i.e., context, community, school, topic, topic rational, and research ethics).

2. Create a title page using the format provided in the syllabus Appendix A.

3. Describe your context: A. The community (i.e., rural, urban, or suburban) and its demographics and economics; and B. The school (i.e., elementary, middle, or secondary) and its enrollment, demographics, and economics (e.g., free/reduced lunch). C. Be sure that the community and school remain anonymous. Use pseudonyms for both the community and school and also for their citations and references. Under the references, you may use the phrase “name withheld to protect anonymity” in lieu of the reference source (e.g., website link).

4. Identify your proposed topic (see “Illustrative Action Research Topics” in Lochmiller & Lester, 2017, p. 242).

5. Describe your topic rationale by addressing the following criteria: A. Align the topic with the school improvement plan, district, or agency goals; and/or B. Support the topic with connections to research articles, citing and referencing them.

EDU 708 Page 7 of 23 Revised February 2017

6. Explain how you are demonstrating research ethics with the proposed topic (Lochmiller & Lester, 2017, chapter 4). Address ethics using the following two criteria. A. Consent, assent, participant involvement, risks/benefits, anonymity, confidentiality, and IRB, and B. Clear connections to a professional, state code of ethics, and AERA Ethical Principles Guiding Research Practices (Lochmiller & Lester, 2017, p. 69).

7. Cite and reference your work as appropriate. Remember to use pseudonyms when citing and referencing information in the context section so that your community and school remain anonymous.

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