Turning Inward writing homework help

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March 11, 2023
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March 11, 2023

Turning Inward writing homework help

Welcome to our second extra credit forum in World Religions! Repeating from the first extra credit forum, these forums are designed to give you the chance reflect on various topics on a deeper level than we are able to in the regular forums. Each extra credit forum is worth up to 10 points, and I will score you according to the content of your post and your interaction with your peers. There are no rules except politeness. You do what you think you need to do to earn the most points you can.

We have studied many religions up to this point in our class, and what we have found is that, undoubtedly, every religion offers a kind of reflective/mindfulness/centering/turning inward practice. The eastern religions are more centered on these practices than the western religions are for non-clergy members of the religions, but they do exist for the use of all practitioners in all religions. For this extra credit forum, you have two ways you can participate. Choose ONE to write about:

1) Choose a meditative/contemplative/reflective practice in any religion and practice it for one week (at least 3 times in that week). First write one paragraph about the practice you chose and what it means in the religion of its origin. Tell us why you chose it, and then describe your experience with it. Tell us how you went about your practice, where and when, what it was like for you, and what you gained from it, if anything. If you choose a practice in your own religion, dig deep and find a practice that is part of the religion’s contemplative tradition. For example, the Jesus Prayer in Christianity.


2) Interview someone from a religion that is NOT your own about his or her meditative/contemplative/reflective practice. Come up with a set of at least 4 questions to ask your person, questions that will help us understand how he or she goes about the practice, what his or her experience is with it, and what it means your person spiritually and in life. For your post, first write one paragraph about the practice and the person you chose to interview, including what the practice means in the religion of its origin. Then share with us your interview or the answers to your interview questions. What did YOU learn from this project?

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