Unit 7 Assessment – Resume Revisions

April 25, 2022
April 26, 2022

Unit 7 Assessment – Resume Revisions


Resume Feedback

Student Information
Student Name:     
Career Development Name:     
Date Submitted:11/19/2020Date Replied:12/10/2020
Utilized Resume Builder:Ensures consistent style and format easily and effectively
Uploaded to Career Center:Ensures resume is easily accessible and available for employers
Resume Evaluation:

To stand out from other applicants and be chosen for an interview, it is critical to have a professional, well-written resume. Creating a Career Ready resume can take several revisions – so to save time formatting and ensure consistency, utilize the Resume Builder which is a part of the Herzing University Career Center in Canvas. Below is feedback regarding the submitted resume for review. Please feel free to reach out for additional resume or career readiness support at any time.

Spelling and Grammar
|_| Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar|_| Appropriate tense for current and past roles|_| Familiar acronyms and abbreviations only|_| Uses active verbs and no pronouns
· Make sure that anything with current education and experience uses present verb forms, and any past education or work experience is put in the past form· When describing duties, responsibilities, or accomplishments, include action verbs such as implemented, directed, improved, etc.
Style and Format
|_| Experience is in reverse chronological order|_| Professional email address
· Make sure to have month and year for every work or education highlight· Herzing address is fine, make sure you keep active with it after graduation
|_| Describes what was accomplished quantitatively vs. duties performed|_| Includes university and expected degree|_| Summary or Profile has 2-3 relevant sentences or 5-8 bullets|_| Lists certifications, honors, awards, badges
· Include more of your accomplishments, accolades, and specific goals that you met or exceeded – what was unique that you did in addition to the standard duties and responsibilities· At the beginning include a summary/objective with a brief statement that describes your professional background, skills, and why you are the best person for the position· Make sure all dates including education points have the starting month and year as well as the anticipated graduation month and year
· Work experience isn’t the same as professional experience! Professional experience is more in-line with what you want to do for your career· The resume builder is a great tool for getting started, but we need to add a lot more to make your resume proficient. Formatting is ok, but needs to be more uniform and cleaned up. More details can be added for your experiences. Let’s connect in the next few weeks to make your resume move up a few quality notches!

Confidential, Not for Distribution Outside Herzing University Rev. 07.01.2019

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