Unit and Integration Testing assignment help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

Unit and Integration Testing assignment help

I have a 3 question for my midterm proposal.

  1. Unit and Integration Testing (To see if your module works well separately and also when integrated with the rest of the other project modules)
  2. Implementation Issues and Challenges i.e. most difficult issues and challenges in the implementation?… the challenges we are gonna face are 1. payment issues paypal or square reder. 2. creating accurate amount of database. 3. creating store for reviews. 4. linking database with server and client… i just need more details on these challenges.
  3. “X-Factor” i.e. what makes your project unique. the project ### We are going to develop a car pooling web application that could be used by student acting as driver or passenger depending on the how the user decides to log in. so student will have a ride from campus to anther campus. ## we are using Database: SQL Server and HTML/ CSS also JavaScript/ angular JS. base on this info i want answer for the three equations. see the module that we trying to build in attachment. feel free to ask any question.
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