Video games can never be art by roger ebert english assignment help

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March 12, 2023
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March 12, 2023

Video games can never be art by roger ebert english assignment help

The article is “Video game can never be art” by roger ebert, focus on the author if he makes a good argument why or why not, and focus it the author contradicts him self and does he make any false analogies. Please use very easy english no hard grammers, 2 pages and a half only. Thanks.

You will need to do the following in order to successfully complete the assignment:

Rhetorical Choices:

o Identify how the purpose of text is achieved through the choices a writer makeso Evaluate the degree to which the argumentative choices a writer makes are effectiveand ethical


o Find background information on your article’s authoro Determine whether or not your article’s author is credible/has expertise on the subjectthey are writing about


o Determine the effects of point of view on an author’s interpretation/argumento Look to see if there are indications the author might be biased for or against the subjectof the articleo Find language used by the author that shows their bias or lack thereof

Logic and Reasoning:

o Examine the author’s reasoning to see if any parts are faulty (for instance, if they arebased primarily on assumptions or logical fallacies)

In order to judge the argument’s strength, you will first have to determine what that argument is andwhat the thesis appears to be. If there is not an explicit thesis statement, you will need to conciselystate what the author’s primary argument is. Both the article’s original thesis and a brief summary ofthe article should be included early on in the essay. For the purposes of this essay, pretend that yourreader has never read or heard of the article in question.The essay should have an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction must lead up to your thesisstatement, which will state your assessment of the logic and reasoning found in the article (ie whether itis strong, weak, or somewhere in between as well as specifically why you feel that to be the case).The following structure is recommended for this essay:

Introduce the article, its author, and the source in which the article appeared (in this case, thebook or scholarly journal) and then briefly summarize the article in no more than 2-3sentences. The introduction should also preview the elements of the article you will discuss in

depth and end with your thesis statement. The thesis statement should indicate why thearticle’s argument is or is not strong.

Each paragraph of the body should center on one of the supporting points for your thesis.Body paragraphs should begin a topic sentence that clearly states the supporting point theparagraph is meant to talk about. All of your paragraphs should contribute to proving the thesis,and your topic sentences should reflect that. After the topic sentence, the rest of the paragraphshould explain why and how you (as the reader) believe the paragraph’s main point to be true.Any assertion must be backed up by evidence from the article itself or from outside sources.Use MLA in-text citations for any information taken from a source.

The conclusion should synthesize the analysis done in the body and should reveal how theseelements work together to “prove” your thesis.

You may choose to focus on all or part of the article’s argument. Areas to examine while assessing thearticle could include the following, among other areas:

Author Credibility/Expertise/ExperienceIdeologyBiasLanguage/Word ChoiceDefinitionsRhetorical ContextAppeals

LogicReasonsRationalizationValidityInferencesAssumptionsArgument TypesInformal Fallacies

Your assessment should be based on the article and its author’s merits, NOT on whether you personallyagree or disagree with the author’s standpoint. Your analysis must be at least 3 full pages long double spaced, not including the works cited page.Include a works cited page for any sources cited, including your chosen article. Include MLA format foryour in-text citations and your works cited page. Turn the assignment in using Canvas. This essay should incorporate quotes from the article to demonstrate the accuracy of your assertionsand your thesis as a whole. Avoid using quotes longer than 1-2 sentences though to leave room foradequate analysis. If you have a quote longer than 2 sentences, paraphrase or summarize all or part ofit instead.You will need to use and cite at least 2 outside sources (that means 3 sources including the originalarticle you are writing the essay on).

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