Was the Holocaust an inevitable event or could it have been avoided English homework help

January 12, 2021

Was the Holocaust an inevitable event or could it have been avoided English homework help

  • proposal [50 pts.] due on Sunday, March 26
  • annotated bibliography [100 pts.] due Sunday, April 9
  • early draft [200 pts.] due by Friday, April 21
  • final draft [150 pts.] due Wednesday, May 10

First is an annotated bibliography of eight to ten sources that you may use for the paper. This annotated bibliography will consist of the works cited citation for each entry, a brief summary and analysis of this source, and an evaluation of its usefulness. The chosen topic will be about the holocaust.

The second paper will be the final paper which is (@ 8-10 pages). This paper will show the ability to craft a strong, specific, and interesting argument (either Classical, Toulminian, or Rogerian) as well as the judicious use of eight to ten sources from field, internet, and library research. most of your sources should be from book/eBook/library sources. The topic will be on the holocaust,an argumentative question has to be asked, and talked about.

Assignment Objectives

·Gaining experience with academic library research (on-line and print)

·Incorporating library research into your writing, using sources to support your argument and justifying your choice of sources

·Handling MLA citation format (including in-text citation) for a variety of sources

·Continuing to improve your ability to construct written arguments (Classical, Toulminian, or Rogerian)

·Effectively presenting your argument to an audience who may need to be informed about your topic (Classical), who is informed about your topic but is concerned about the limitations of your position (Toulminian) or who could benefit from “buying into” a solution (Rogerian).

·Developing earlier writing projects into a longer format, revising and rethinking earlier work

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