website design part 2 computer science homework help

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March 15, 2023
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March 15, 2023

website design part 2 computer science homework help

In your Phase 1 IP assignment, you created a basic Web site design document. You discussed the following Web site elements: logo, header, navigation bar, content area, and footer. You also described your future Web site and gave thought to its purpose and visual design.

Before getting started on the Phase 2 IP assignment, you need to install either Notepad++ (for Windows operating systems) or TextWrangler (for Mac operating systems).

If you have a Windows operating system, go to this Web site to access and download the Notepad++ software.

If you have a Mac operating system, go to this Web site to access and download the TextWrangler software.

For this Individual Project assignment, you will create your first Web page in HTML5 code with the following basic Web site elements: logo, header, content area, and footer. Note that you will not need to code the navigation bar until the Phase 3 IP assignment.

Complete the following:

Step 1: Type the following code into your text editor, and customize the content between the title and heading tags. Follow the comments that are added throughout the code (Note that this code uses semantic elements. If you prefer, you can use block-level elements for page layout and include the necessary logo, header, content, and footer.):

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Place the Title of Your Web Page Here</title>




<!– Place your logo image here by customizing the name of the image file. Then, add the height, width, and alternate text. See the code below.–>

<img src=”logoimage1.jpg” height=”300″ width=”300″ alt=”logo image”>

<!– If the image includes the name of the Web site, the <h1> tag below is optional. –>

<h1>Place the name of the Web site here.</h1>



<h2>Navigation links will be added in Phase 3.</h2>



<h3>Begin to add your content information here.</h3>



<h4>Place the footer information here. Add in your copyright information such as: Copyright year, your name, date, class, section number</h4>




Step 2: In Notepad++ or TextWrangler, go to File > Save As. Give the file the name index.html. This is the first page of your Web site.

Step 3: Submit the index.html file and your image file either as two separate files or in a .zip folder to the Submitted Assignments area. Please do not submit a .rar file or a .7zip file.


Bare Bones. (n.d.). Download TextWrangler. Retrieved from…

Notepad++. (2015, June 9). Download Notepad++ 6.7.9. Retrieved from

Please submit your assignment.

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