website evaluation and origin story assignment history homework help

January 12, 2021

website evaluation and origin story assignment history homework help

Find an American Indian origin/creation story on the internet. Evaluate the website and then provide summary information about the story by answering the questions below. For ANY of the questions, it is not sufficient to simply answer “Yes” or “No.” You must support your answers (e.g., If “yes,” then why? If “no,” then why not?)

Pertaining to the website you found:

  1. What is the URL for the website you found?
  1. Is there a title for the website? If so, what is it?
  1. Is the site kept up-to-date, with current links, new material added from time to time, and a creation or revision date?
  1. Is the purpose of the site clear? Does the stated purpose match the actual content?
  1. What links are included to other sites? How well do these links meet criteria for quality Web sites?
  1. Who is the WebBuilder for the site? Is an email address included?
  1. Does the site’s URL give you any information as to the authority and validity of the site?
  1. If the site claims to represent a tribe or a tribal view, is there information supporting the claim that it is an “official” or authorized Web site for the tribe? If so, provide that information here.
  1. If the site builder self-identifies as Indian, is tribal affiliation identified? Is the word used to identify the tribe accurate? If so, provide that information.
  1. Is the site marketing something, persuading or informing you of something, providing information, or introducing something personal about the WebBuilder? Give an example.
  1. Is the content for the site presented from the Native or the non-Native point of view? What makes you think so?
  1. Are the images and icons used on the site accurate and respectful or neutral, or are they inaccurate and caricatures or disrespectful in other ways? If photographs are used, has permission to use them been given? Provide examples.
  1. If stories or poetic words are provided, does the site tell you where they come from? Are they appropriate for the general viewing public on the Web?
  1. Is the content accurate (e.g., Indian people, no matter what tribal group, incorrectly depicted as living in tipis)? Give an example.
  1. If the site is trying to sell something, does the seller tell you about how the item was acquired or created? Does the seller try to make you feel that you are buying into the “mysterious powers” of American Indians if you buy the product? If so, what product and why.
  1. Are sacred objects, ways, knowledge, or other forms of Native spirituality being offered for sale? Such as?
  1. Is there anything about the content or presentation that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Regarding the origin/creation story you found:

  1. Is there a title to the story? If so, what is it?
  1. What tribe is the story about?
  1. What type of story is it? (e.g., origin of tribe/people; creation of the world; explanation of how something came to be, etc.)
  1. Who are the main characters in the story?
  1. What is the story about? (brief summary)
  1. How does this story explain cultural origins/development of the group as a distinct people? If so, how?
  1. Does the story make connections to a particular landscape? If so, what?

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