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Reengineering in health care is a method in which current
practices are evaluated from the viewpoint of the patient with the intent to
improve radical redesign of business processes, to begin anew, processes are
analyzed from the point of view of the consumer, as well as the requirement to
achieve greater cost containment, quality, service, and speed” (Huber, 2014 p.
242). Patient expectations and demands continue to grow and are becoming more
difficult to meet. Hospital reimbursements depend on good scores from clients
so trying to meet these expectations has become essential. Nurses are directly
affected by health care reengineering and practices and procedures will often
need alteration.

The role of the nurse manager is to identify the areas that
are lacking and need improvement. The nurse manager can use this information to
address areas that need improvement and examine possibilities for necessary
changes. The nurse manager also must consider staff, resources and ability to
implement change while advocating for their staff. Once a plan is developed the
next step would be to train staff on new policies, procedures or expectations
and implement change. After the implementation, the manager must evaluate the
effectiveness and receive feedback of the changes and make any required

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