What did you learn from the lm about Lakota Hopi and Wintu cultures history homework help

January 12, 2021

What did you learn from the lm about Lakota Hopi and Wintu cultures history homework help


  1. What did you learn from the film about Lakota, Hopi and Wintu cultures? In addition to attitudes toward the land, consider what you saw or heard about family, relations with ancestors, treatment of elders, language, valuing cooperation over competition, and individual rights vs. community responsibilities.
  2. Compare U.S. policy on declaring and protecting sacred sites with the policies of other nations. Is the destruction of Woodruff Butte comparable to the Taliban’s decision to blow up Buddhist statues in Afghanistan?
  3. For much of U.S. history, Christian missionaries, supported by government policies that made it illegal for tribes to practice their rituals publicly, offered Native Americans food, health care and education in exchange for abandoning their tribal religions. How are groups affected by having to practice their religion in secret? How does the government’s banning and suppression of Native American religious practices influence your perception of native people today? What was the impact of the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act (1978) on native communities and what you know or don’t know about tribal rituals
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