what perspective does it provide history homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

what perspective does it provide history homework help

1 image with 3 questions

-Look to the image and i want you to Analyze this image as a primary source by writing a paragraph for each question.

-The questions are:

what perspective does it provide?

what can you learn about American slavery from this source?

how is this source limited? What can you NOT understand from this source?

– The transcript for the image if it wasn’t clear:

“RANAWAY from the subscriber, at Concord, N.C. two negroes, a man and women[sic], of the following description:
MOZELLER—about five feet six inches high, twenty-four years of age, with a rather yellow complexion and bony face. He had on when he left a grass hat, (very old,) and a blue roundabout jacket. He is supposed to be making for Mobile.
CEILIANN is of a middle height and what might be styled a large woman. She is thrity-seven years of age, with a very rough skin and black complexion, and has very white teeth in front. She is supposed to be making her way to Charleston, S.C.
I will give the above reward for both, or $100 for either, on their delivery to me, or lodged in any jail so that I can get them.
Concord, Cabarrus Co., N.C.
june 27’64—d3* “

Ask me for more details if you need.

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