what was the Crime of 1873 history homework help

January 12, 2021

what was the Crime of 1873 history homework help

1. What was the Crime of 1873 (hint: your text doesn’t refer to it as that, but your text does have talk about the importance of what was at issue)? Why was it considered a crime and which constituents did it anger and which did it please? Why? The minimum word count is 200.

2.Describe the changed world of ex-slaves after the Civil War.

3.Outline the different phases of Reconstruction, beginning with Lincoln’s plan and moving through presidential Reconstruction to Congressional Reconstruction.

4. Evaluate and understand the relative success of Reconstruction.

5. Describe and discuss the development of the Industrial Revolution in America after the Civil War, concentrating on the major industries and their leaders.

6. Describe how America’s regional and local markets merged into one truly national market and how this influenced the consumer demand for products and services, as well as some of the costs associated with the transition.

7.Describe the formation of the early labor unions in the United States, including their goals, activities, and situations at the end of the nineteenth century.

8. Describe the evolution of urbanization and immigration in the North during the second half of the nineteenth century, and how those two factors shaped the region’s social relations, including its disparities of wealth.

9. Evaluate what was meant by the term New South

10.Describe the development of the American West that took place during the second half of the nineteenth century, addressing both the role that industrialization played and the final defeat of Native American tribes on the plains.

11.Discuss the problems that confronted America’s farmers in the North, South, and West during the late 1800s, and describe how their attempts to solve those problems led to the formation of a new political party.

All answers have a minimum word count of 100 with no more than 300 words except for question #1 which minimum word count is 200. All answers must come from the text that I uploaded and must be cited in APA format also referenced in APA format.

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