Describe the mechanics of pulmonary ventilation in a resting healthy person . 2. Cardiovascular health is a National Health Priority with smoking identified as having a negative effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.
March 16, 2021
please answer the questions showing all workings to receive full credit
March 16, 2021

White Privilege essay

Please only A+ work and little to no plagiarism.

look at attachments for the paper with the prompt and such btw each paragraphs must be 10-16 sentences this is what the professor told me.

look at attachments for the professor’s rubric

I will attach the sources that will be used

This is an easy essay, It would mean a lot if someone could help me get an A, please and thank you

Final Draft – Friday 15th Dec. 2017

He does grade the first draft, If i could get a first drift before its due that would be splendid

Here are the links to the sources:…

the sourced below was given to me by the teacher in one packet, this one all one sources……………

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