women health interview sociology homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

women health interview sociology homework help

Health Care Provider/Patient Interview Assignment

  • This 3-part assignment is designed to create an awareness of what health services are provided to women in your community and to provide an opportunity to share your knowledge with your instructor and classmates. Objectives:
    1. Discover how concepts around women’s health are implemented in a real world setting
    2. Apply what you have learned in the course and through your own research to the real world setting
    3. Interpret findings from your interview to perform analysis
    4. Produce a narrative essay analyzing interview data and incorporating research
    5. Gain an understanding of practical, applied sociology

    Download the following documents for task descriptions and grading rubrics.

  • There are 3 steps to this assignment:
  • Step 1: Conduct an interview with a health care provider (option A) OR a patient (option B). Here are the instructions for finding an appropriate interviewee and conducting the interview (with question template): SOC 424 Interview Assignment – Step 1 Conduct the Interview.pdf
  • Step 2: Write a 750 to 1000-word narrative paper (worth 35 points) that synthesizes your interview, 2 course readings, and 2 peer-reviewed articles outside our class that you find on your own. (Due through Safe Assign at the end of Week 6)Here are the paper guidelines and grading rubric: 424 Interview Step 2 Writing the Paper.pdf
  • Step 3: Create a PowerPoint presentation to share the main findings and what you learned from your interview paper (worth 20 points) and discuss each other’s presentations with your group (worth 5 points). 424 Step 3 Creating Your Presentation(1).pdf
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