Write a 750 1000 word essay Works Cited page is not included in word count

January 12, 2021

Write a 750 1000 word essay Works Cited page is not included in word count

***The lessons reflect upon how the ideas of certain philosophers influenced literary works produced during the Enlightenment and Modern literary periods. Choose one philosopher discussed in the lessons (Voltaire, Locke, Rousseau, Nietzsche, or Freud) and show how your chosen philosopher’s theories influenced the literature of either the Enlightenment or Modern era. You are not required to cite the original work from the philosopher. Rather, for this essay, you may consult sources that explain your chosen philosopher’s theories.

Follow this guidelines!

  1. Avoid any and all summary sites within your essay. This includes Sparknotes, Shmoop, Cliff’s Notes, and Wikipedia.
  2. Use MLA format and citations in this essay. Also, please write this essay using third person.
  3. You may not use any wording from previous essays or forums.
  4. Note that the works cited page and headings are not included in the page count. Please use one-inch margins, double-spaced, and please do not add extra spaces between paragraphs. Use 12 font Times New Roman.
  5. Scholarly sources generally come from academic journals and have been examined by experts in the field for accuracy. Generally, you will find these in the APUS databases.
  6. Make sure your essay has a clear introduction and thesis statement (topic plus point about that topic) at the bottom of your introduction. The thesis should be based on the readings in this course.
  7. Make sure your body paragraphs are focused on proving your thesis statement. Do not summarize the readings. Instead, use the readings to support your own original ideas.
  8. Be sure that your thesis expresses an analytical thought and is not just a statement of simple fact or plot summary.
  9. Make sure to have a conclusion that does not bring in new information. That said, you want to move beyond simply repeating your thesis. In the conclusion, explain what we have learned. Conclude


This assignment must include direct quotations from at least TWO of the assigned readings to support your ideas. In addition, you must use TWO outside, scholarly sources in this essay.

The Assigned readings are “James Joyce’s “The Dead.”…..” Sherwood Anderson’s “Death in the Woods.”…. “Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce Et Decorum” Est.” and “Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” and “A Girl.”

NOTE*** all of the assigned readings are on the Internet…. you can basically google them and read them… Thanks

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